Your Fertility™ Mind-Body Program

In response to the growing evidence that the mind-body connection exists and holds the power to heal your body, Dr. Belej-Rak is proud to offer these services to our community.
Dr. Belej-Rak is committed to:

  • Providing patients with world-class care that includes traditional Chinese medicine and Naturopathy; looking at the whole person, not just their physical symptoms by working with different practitioners offering these modalities
  • Giving our patients the support, tools and techniques to remain focused and relaxed throughout their fertility journey
  • Supplementing fertility treatments with our mind-body programs, information sessions, one-on-one coaching, and a variety of workshops
  • Empowering our patients by allowing them to make positive changes within themselves that will optimize their chances of conceiving
  • Offering Board Certified Master Coaches and Trainers to work with our patients, as they will feel huge changes at the mental and emotional level that will have a profound impact on making their goals a reality
  • Using Dr. Lissa Rankin’s approach of mind over medicine to heal your body (

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Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy™ & Hypnosis to Get the Life You Want!

NLP as a coaching therapy has long been applied in business – most world leaders are trained in it and it is now making an impact in health, education and sports.

NLP allows your coach to analyze attitudes, beliefs, thoughts & feelings in order to find out ‘how’ they are affecting your behaviour and your achievements and then help you to easily correct them.

NLP teaches us new ways of looking at & managing how we:

  • communicate
  • deal with conflict
  • negotiate a ‘win-win’ situation
  • become solution focused rather than problem focused
  • reframe situations – get a new positive perspective
  • look for the silver linings, the learnings in all situations
  • access our skills & resources

‘Neuro’ is what we think; ‘Linguistic’ is what we communicate verbally & non-verbally to ourselves and others,  and ‘Programming’ is how we process the communications and experiences that lead to us to our beliefs and behaviours.

TLT is one of the most powerful practical processes & techniques for personal change & growth. Mind-body medicine and PNI (psychoneuroimmunology) studies explain the effects of unresolved negative emotion such as anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt, grief, shame, etc. and how they affect our physical health and can lead to the development of symptoms and illness in our physical body.  Both unwanted negative emotions & limiting beliefs e.g. ‘I don’t feel I deserve, I’m not good enough, I don’t feel safe’, influence every area of our lives.

Developed in the 80’s by Tad James, Ph.D, these techniques quickly and easily:

  • facilitate the elimination of painful emotions attached to memories/events in the past
  • learn from those events & use those positive learnings as a resource for the future
  •  provide long lasting transformations
  • change how you react
  • clear your limiting beliefs that have left you ‘stuck’ in the past so that you can have what you want in your life
  • change & reduce the intensity of how we perceive & respond to stress
  • help you cope with loss, abandonment, anxiety, depression, PTSD
A safe, fast effective therapy process which produces deep relaxation, laser focus and startling quick results.

Do you feel stressed & anxious about your fertility and hear yourself saying, ‘when will I finally get pregnant?”  Have you spent all of your focus there & you have not achieved your results yet?

Did you know that Hypnotherapy:

  • is an awake state of deep relaxation
  • can decrease stress & anxiety
  • can improve hormonal balance & fertility results
  • gives you 10,000 times greater awareness to focus on what you want
  • is all about following instructions
  • activates the Body’s Natural Healing Mode
  • improves concentration & learn faster
  • helps you obtain your results & goals faster

The willingness to play and imagine is all you need for hypnotherapy.

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As a certified practitioner of the Whole Health Medicine Institute, I’ve been trained to work with you through the process developed by Dr. Lissa Rankin and described in her book Mind Over Medicine.  Her approach to health is also explained in her Ted Talk.

Good health to many of us may mean eating a nutritious diet, exercising, maintaining our healthy weight, getting enough sleep, taking our vitamins, balancing our hormones and seeing our doctor for regular check ups, for some of us this may not be enough and we are still faced with a health challenge.  While medications can help, there may be times when they are not enough or we still feel unwell despite taking them, or perhaps we still need them, and in addition we would like to enhance our well being and tap into the healing power of our mind and body.

With the whole health approach, we delve into not only your physical symptoms, we also examine your intuition or inner pilot light, your work/life purpose, your relationships, your spirituality, creativity, sexuality, your environment, your relationship with money, as well as your mental health; and how all of these tie together through love, gratitude, pleasure and service.

With the Whole Health Medicine approach we:

·      Address any limiting beliefs about health you may have (i.e.  “everyone in my family has arthritis, and so will I” or “my body can’t heal itself”)
·      Help you find you the most supportive healthcare team
·      Support you in learning how to listen to your body
·      Identify factors that may be contributing to your illness or condition
·      Find effective and proven ways to support your healing
·      Improve your coping mechanisms

This approach may be right for you if:

·      You are wondering about how the mind and body are connected and integral to our health
·      You would like to optimize your body’s potential to heal in addition to your regular medical treatment
·      You would like to explore the role your illness may be playing in your life and why it showed up when it did and what further meaning it may have